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As your local McAlester OK water restoration company, FloodSERV often receives calls for flooded kitchens due to faulty refrigerators, ice makers, supply lines, and connecting parts. Over their lifetime, your kitchen appliances deteriorate and the parts crack. The refrigerator’s backside components are often pushed against the wall, or a connection becomes loose. No matter the cause, kitchen water damage is never fun. Here is how you can prevent refrigerator and ice maker water damage in your home.

Typical Refrigerator & Ice Maker Water Damages & Repairs

Although a fridge or ice maker leak is a seemingly small issue, it generates major problems for walls, flooring, and anything standing in the way of water. FloodSERV has responded to refrigerator and ice maker water damage issues both big and small.

Fortunately, if you notice the leaking moisture in time, it is possible soak up the water, dry the affected area (including walls) and return to your normal routine. With adequate drying measures, mold growth shouldn’t be an issue.

In more serious cases, such as when the water is left to sit for a significant amount of time, you could be looking at a need for water damage repairs to floors and drywall. Untreated water damage may lead to mold.

Do not attempt any water damage repairs without the proper expertise and tools.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Refrigerator & Ice Maker Water Damage?

The bad news? A slow leak from a freezer, ice maker, or fridge is usually not covered by a typical homeowners insurance policy, as these are reserved for sudden, accidental leaks from malfunctions. Negligence is excluded.

How to Prevent Kitchen Appliance Water Damage

When a water line breaks, several gallons of water can spew out into your kitchen. Or, less noticeable leaks may go undetected, causing destruction. Here’s how to prevent kitchen appliance water damage:

  • Remove dust and debris that collect behind the appliance.
  • Remove hard water build up in the line.
  • Use copper or stainless steel lines for replacement.
  • Shut off the main water supply before leaving for extended periods of time.
  • Keep an eye around the fridge and under sinks for signs of water damage.
  • Invest in a water alarm that will sound when it senses water.

Proper Care Prevents Water Damage Cleanup

Keep your McAlester, Oklahoma home safe from refrigerator water damage, mold, and other secondary damages by monitoring the kitchen. If you should have a leak or flood, FloodSERV is here to help!

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