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Disinfection & Sanitization Services in McAlester OK

During times of increased viral awareness, your best defense is a strong offense. Avoiding crowds, wiping high-touch surfaces, and utilizing proper hand washing techniques are only a few of the weapons in this arsenal. However, to properly protect your McAlester OK home or business, FloodSERV recommends seeking our professional disinfection services and sanitization services. 

Our cleaning technicians offer reliable cleaning and disinfecting by identifying areas of concern. Then, we combat the spread of germs and bacteria with advanced electrostatic equipment to give you peace of mind. To meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and society in light of COVID-19, FloodSERV has continued to refine disinfection services and protocols. As such, we have clearly outlined our sanitization services procedures to assist immunocompromised individuals, commercial operations, and everything in between. Contact us today to schedule effective disinfection and cleaning services.

The Wonders of Electrostatic Disinfection Technology

FloodSERV relies on highly-effective electrostatic technology for effective infection control and disinfection services. Precision, accuracy, and total coverage are only a few of the ways that electrostatic spray technology ensures that your property is completely sanitized. No area goes untouched — and with our EPA-approved cleaning solution, there are no concerns about safety around pets or people. 

electrostatic technology

Cleaning & Disinfection Services Made Accessible

FloodSERV is McAlester OK’s trusted cleaning company, and our electrostatic technology speaks to this fact. The process is completed with lightweight, cordless sprayers that access even the most difficult to reach spots. Quiet operation enables day-to-day operations to carry on. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing that our EPA-registered sanitizing solution is safe for people, surfaces, and the environment.

Electrostatic Technology

Electrostatic technology is a product of atomization of a magnetically-charged cleaning solution via pressurized air. The spray exits through an electrode in the nozzle, attaching to surrounding surfaces. The powerful solution completely wraps objects to give three times more coverage than manual disinfection. Our electrostatic spray method allows us to cover three to six feet at one time.

Precision Application

No matter how gentle a chemical, you want to be mindful of the areas and surfaces being treated. FloodSERV’s electrostatic sprayers have a trigger lock to prevent accidental spurts of spray, in addition to a single-channel sprayer nozzle to navigate the solution. Once applied, harmful microbes are killed in sixty seconds.

Control Odors

Sickness and illness bring the possibility of foul bodily odors. Electrostatic spray technology goes beyond disinfection services to control malodors until the next sanitization treatment.

Commercial Disinfection for a Safe Work Place

A global pandemic doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole world stops turning. If you operate a commercial endeavor, your doors need to stay open to keep the business going. Maintaining a healthy workspace is one way to ensure the future of the dreams and goals that rest on the back of your business. Coupled with physical wipe-downs of high-touch surfaces, FloodSERV’s EPA-registered disinfectant solution and sanitization services keep you healthy from germs and bacteria. 

Generating an infectious disease protocol plan with the help of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection services is essential. We understand that keeping businesses, educational institutions, restaurants, offices, municipal buildings, and other local services open is key. As such, FloodSERV has experience providing sanitizing and disinfection protection services in and around the McAlester OK community. Our clients include:






Municipal Buildings


Outpatient Healthcare Facilities




Grocery Stores




Housing Complexes








Community Centers

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FloodSERV’s Disinfection Services Process

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1. Pre-Cleaning Inspection

A visual inspection of your property helps identify high-risk areas and frequently touched surfaces such as faucets, door knobs, handles, and more. We will develop a plan for offering effective cleaning and disinfection services.

2. Prep & Pre-Rinse

During this portion of sanitization services, the cleaning technician manually dislodges debris to prepare for sanitization and maximize effectiveness of the electrostatic spray treatment. All areas are pre-rinsed before moving on to disinfection.

3. Electrostatic Disinfection Treatment

Next, our technicians walk through your property, channeling our EPA-certified disinfectant onto all surfaces, exposed and hidden. We allow the proper dwell time to elapse to ensure all germs and bacteria are eliminated.