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Atoka OK Water Restoration Services

If you have water damage in your Atoka OK home or business property, the most important thing you can do is call your locally trusted water damage restoration company and begin the restoration process as quickly as possible. Water damage Atoka is unique in that until the water has been fully removed, the damage will only worsen. This is why acting quickly is so imperative. Loose water will travel through cracks in your floor, will absorb into any porous building materials and will the damage will begin to take place immediately.

At FloodSERV, we offer 24 hour emergency water damage restoration services in Atoka, 365 days a year. Give us a call at the first sign of water damage and we’ll immediately send out one of our water restoration technicians to conduct a inspection and ensure that any damage is minimized.

24/7  Water Damage Restoration Atoka OK

Water Damage Atoka OK
Water Damage Atoka OK

Common Causes Of Water Damage Atoka

Water related disasters come in many different forms. From leaking pipes to large scale storms, the variability of water damage Atoka can make the restoration process complicated. Some restoration companies may specialize in smaller indoor plumbing type disaster cleanup, whereas others may be prepared for flood damage, but at FloodSERV, we have the experience, and equipment required to handle water damage restoration of any size or scope. The most common causes of water damage that we come across in Atoka OK include:


Burst Pipes

Sewage Backup

Toilet or Sink Overflow

Bathroom Moisture Damage

Plumbing Issues

Malfunctioning Appliances

Inclement Weather


Poorly Installed Appliances

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Water Removal Services

When facing water damage Atoka in your home or business property, it can be an uncertain time. One thing you need to know though, is that fast water removal and water extraction services effectively minimize the chances of further damages. Issues such as structural instability, rotting of building materials, and mold growth can generally be avoided by employing the help of a water removal company such as FloodSERV.

Our water extraction crew works around the clock to eliminate any traces of moisture in your space. We have the necessary water removal equipment to get the job done, including water extraction pumps, mats, and vacuums.

Call FloodSERV today to begin the water removal and water extraction process. We will immediately dispatch a water removal team to your location to salvage the premises.

The Water Damage Atoka Restoration Process

1. Emergency Water Damage Inspection

Whenever a disaster strikes, no matter the time of day or night, FloodSERV will be there to respond to your call. We’ll send out a water damage technician to conduct an inspection complete with accurate timeline and cost estimates for the restoration.

2. Water Extraction & Water Removal

The first priority following the inspection is to remove all of the water from your property. By using our industry leading water extraction equipment, our team will work around the clock to ensure no time is wasted and no unnecessary damage is done to your home or business.

3. Structural Drying & Dehumidification

Once the water has been extracted, we still have to address the trapped moisture that has been absorbed into porous building materials. To do this we will utilize our industrial air blowers and dehumidifiers which will allow us to restore the moisture levels to pre-loss levels.

Water Damage Atoka Restoration Process
Common Causes of Water Damage

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