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Mold spores are all around us. However, when we talk about mold, most property owners immediately think of a water loss. While water damage is a significant source of our mold removal calls, we find that most clients are unaware that mold can be found in some surprising spots around your home. So where does mold grow? We’re sharing 3 areas around the home that harbor mold in ways you may not have known. 

3 Areas Mold Grows in Homes 

A vision of mold often conjures up images of dark, damp spaces. But in reality, mold grows anywhere you have moisture, oxygen, and a food source. Check your space for these common hiding spots: 

1. Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the first places many homeowners will start looking for mold. It is not uncommon to see mold accumulation around showers and tubs, under the sink, or around the base of the toilet.   

To find hidden spores, look to other items that collect moisture. For instance, cleaning supplies such as scrub brushes, buckets, and towels — especially if stored in a dark place — may grow mold. And, brace yourself: your unused toothbrush can even fall prey to mold. Eww! 

2. Kitchen 

Your home’s kitchen is like a party for mold. With all the available food sources and moisture, mold can take hold without notice. The most common locations you could find mold include inside or behind the refrigerator, inside of cabinets, or under the sink. Be sure to periodically inspect these areas to prevent a mold overgrowth. 

3. Bedroom 

Yep – mold is around even when you sleep. One of the scariest places mold can be found is on and within a mattress. Due to perspiration sinking into the mattress as you sleep, spores may begin to grow inside the mattress. While you can spot clean any detectable mold on the surface, the inside is a much different story. For these instances, professional assistance from a mattress cleaning company may be needed. Head off mattress mold by choosing and utilizing a properly sized mattress pad or cover of an appropriate material. 

Where Does Mold Grow? Anywhere With Moisture & A Food Source 

You probably already knew that mold is a serious hazard to your health and property. Hopefully you’re now also more familiar with the hidden areas that spores lurk undetected. Always remember: prevention is your best line of defense! Routinely check these spots around the home to protect yourself. 

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