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Flood and Water Damage Restoration in Haskell Oklahoma

When dealing with water damage resulting from a water related disaster, reacting in a timely manner is the key to minimizing damage. The longer you wait to take action, and the longer the water remains in contact with your property, the more damage will be done, and the longer and more expensive the restoration process will be. 

That’s why our reliable FloodSERV technicians are ready 24/7 to respond to every emergency with the utmost professionalism, compassion and respect. Our technicians are trained and certified to the highest standards in the restoration industry.

With the knowledge that your property is precious to you our team works tirelessly to restore it as soon as possible. Our team is proud to be the #1 locally trusted water damage company in Haskell, OK. You can trust us to minimize the impact of damage and flooding. We don’t leave until the customer tells us our water damage restoration service has exceeded their expectations.

FloodSERV is the best in the business at restoring the damage that has occurred due to an indoor or outdoor flood, or any other source of water damage. There are countless situations that may result in some amount of water damage, but a professional team like ours can remove the damage and prevent it from happening again!


24/7  Water Damage Restoration Haskell OK

Water Extraction Haskell OK
Water Damage Restoration Haskell
Mo amd Tom were amazing. Knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make sure our house was safe for our kids. Educated me on mold because we are from Phx.,Az so when we saw mold it was time to react. Thank you for a service very well done!
Krystal Meiers, MCalester OK

24/7 Emergency Water Removal in Haskell OK

Flood damage Haskell OK
FloodSERV technicians are ready 24/7 for calls related to water damage Haskell OK. Emergency water extraction is a crucial step in protecting your property. The longer there is standing water present, the more damage it will cause. As water infiltrates the furniture, walls, carpets, and floorboards it starts causing structural instability, mold growth, and rotting of materials. This isn’t just a cause of seriously unpleasant odors but is dangerous as well. That’s why it’s important to respond quickly and call a water removal company as soon as you find water damage.
Count on FloodSERV for 24/7 Water Damage Extraction Services as well as:

Water Extraction, Water Damage Mitigation, Water Damage Repairs, and Restoration, Flood Damage Removal


The Water Damage Haskell Restoration Process

1. Emergency Water Damage Inspection

FloodSERV is on standby, ready to respond to water emergencies in Haskell OK  24/7. We send a team of water technicians to your Haskell OK property to assess the water damages and begin water extraction. 

2. Water Extraction & Water Removal

We utilize our truck-mounted water removal equipment to eliminate standing water from hard surfaces and carpets. We carry a large inventory of extraction tools from trash pumps to weighted extraction tools. Our equipment allows up to remove the water quickly to help prevent any additional or secondary damage.

3. Structural Drying & Dehumidification

After the water is removed, there is still moisture in the air and building materials. This trapped moisture tends to cause more damage, and causes problems with structural integrity and mold growth. In order to prevent that, we use air blowers and dehumidifiers. Our work stops only when humidity levels all over your property are back down to safe and dry levels.

Water damage Haskell

How to Mitigate Water Damage

Water damage emergencies typically happen when we least expect them. Whether the cause is flash-flooding, a burst pipe, or a leaky appliance, water damage and flooding are dangerous to your home, business and family. Responding immediately is crucial. Here are a few things you can do immediately to soften the blow.

What to do when water damage occurs:

  • Turn off your water at the main valve and call a certified water damage company immediately
  • If the water level is above the power plugs – do not enter the area
  • Unplug any electrical appliances and store them away from water
  • Turn off your heat or air conditioning and open the windows
  • Mop up any water with towels until the water mitigation company arrives

Why Work with FloodSERV?

Water damage requires a high level of experience and skill to be remedied completely. When you work with FloodSERV that is exactly what you are getting as you are hiring a company that employs only the most skilled technicians, and we ensure that all of them are IICRC certified and licensed. On top of that our team shares a deep compassion for you and the hardship that you are going through.

Besides our skills and certifications, we know that timing is crucial when it comes to water damage, and that’s why our crews are available 24/7 to help restore and repair water damage in Haskell, OK. FloodSERV’s professional expertise combined with state-of-the-art equipment ensures that all the water restoration is done with minimal disruption to your everyday routine.

We Work with Your Insurance Company 

Many insurance companies require a certified restoration company. FloodSERV is a certified water damage & structural drying restoration company with over 15 years in the industry. We always coordinate with your insurance company to ensure you get the insurance coverage you deserve.

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