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FloodSERV Is Your Locally Trusted Fire Damage Restoration And Smoke Deodorization Company In McAlester OK.

Fire Damage Restoration in McAlester OK

FloodSERV is your locally trusted, comprehensive fire damage restoration company in McAlester Oklahoma. Fires are among every property owner’s worst nightmare, but having a restoration company that you can trust to take care of the entire fire damage McAlester restoration process can relieve a lot of the concern and stress that comes with it. When you have a fire on your property, it’s an emergency and needs to be treated as such. Calling the local officials is your first step, but contacting FloodSERV immediately after a fire will ensure the damage done to your property is as minimal as possible.
From initial inspection, to emergency boardup and tarping, handling any water damage, and fire damage McAlester cleanup, FloodSERV is a company that you can rely on to completely restore your property and assist with handling your insurance claim to ensure you are fairly covered. It’s no surprise that FloodSERV is the most trusted fire damage Mcalester restoration company.

24 Hour Fire Restoration Services

fire damage mcalester ok

McAlester OK Fire Boardup Services

At FloodSERV, we understand that your fire related disaster is an emergency and deserves an immediate response. Our technicians are standing by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, waiting for calls related to fire damage. Upon receiving your call we will drive to your property immediately and when safe to do so will inspect your home or business for damages. In many cases, fires will leave your property exposed to the elements, be it a broken window or a compromised roof. To protect your building from further damage, we will immediately begin boarding up and tarping any exposures.

Choose FloodSERV For Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage can be a term that is a bit misleading, the reality is that cleaning up after fire damage is actually only one aspect of the fire damage restoration process. There is also soot and smoke damage to address as well as, depending on the severity of the fire and the methods used to extinguish the fire, water damage and possibly structural damage. So when you need fire damage cleanup, you really need a company that can handle damages of all kinds.
FloodSERV responds within an hour when your home or business has caught fire and been damaged. This is especially important in minimizing the damages that any exposed water will cause. Smoke damage is also time dependent as the high levels of acidity will begin degrading and damaging materials in a matter of days. Give FloodSERV a call immediately following a fire at your property and we will begin restoring your property immediately.

The Fire Damage McAlester Restoration Process

1. Emergency Fire Board Up & Tarping

When FloodSERV receives your call, we will dispatch an emergency fire restoration crew to your McAlester OK property. Once the fire is extinguished and the premesis cleared, we secure the property by boarding up exposed doors and windows, in addition to tarping roof holes. Fire board up serves the purpose of protecting your home or business from further damage due to vandals, animals, and the elements.

2. Water Extraction & Drying

With the McAlester home or business secure, our team will inspect the severity of  fire damage to curate a plan, estimate, and timeline. In the mean time, we immediately start drying the water that often results from fighting the fire. Left untreated, the water continues to damage the property and its building materials. FloodSERV is equipped to mitigate and extract water from affected areas to thoroughly dry them. 

3. Fire Damage Cleanup in McAlester OK

Fire damaged building materials and belongings will be removed from the area to address fire restoration, soot cleaning, and smoke damage. 

4. Smoke Deodorization

Smoke and soot penetrate all exposed surfaces, as well as fibers, behind cabinets, and everywhere in between. A nuisance smoke odor lingers in the air. FloodSERV’s fire damage restoration team uses advanced smoke deodorization techniques to clear the air and allow you to breathe easily.

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fire restoration McAlester OK

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