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FloodSERV Is Your Locally Trusted Fire Damage Restoration And Smoke Deodorization Company In Atoka OK.

Fire Damage Restoration in Atoka, OK


FloodSERV is your locally trusted, comprehensive fire damage restoration company in Atoka, OK. If your home or business property is damaged during a fire-related disaster, figuring out what to do next can be overwhelming. Between boarding up the property to water removal and fire restoration, there are many tasks that need to be completed. Working with a professional fire damage restoration company can help you get your property back to its pre-disaster condition in no time.
FlloodSERV is a company you can rely on to completely restore your property and assist with handling your insurance claim to ensure you are fairly covered. We are a full-service fire damage restoration company that provides initial inspections, emergency board-up and tarping, handling any water damage, and fire damage cleanup. And that is why FloodServ is your #1 locally trusted fire damage restoration company. 

24 Hour Fire Restoration Services

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Atoka OK Fire Boardup Services

One of the first matters of business will be finding emergency fire board-up services to secure the property.  Emergency fire board-up services offer protection and security for blown-out windows and exposed access points. Tarping of roof holes prevents secondary damage from the elements. These methods serve as a deterrent to the elements, vandalism, and animals. Fire board-up services ease the financial blow after a fire. Contact our team 24/7 for professional fire board-up service in Atoka, OK.

Choose FloodSERV For Fire Damage Restoration

Few experiences are as devastating as fire damage to your home or business. Priceless, sentimental belongings are often damaged beyond repair, and the physical and emotional trauma can cause lasting effects. Besides that fire damage is one of the worst forms of fire damage – because it almost always entails water damage and smoke damage. The only solution is to seek emergency fire damage restoration services to return your property to its pre-loss condition.
Give FloodSERV a call immediately following a fire at your property and we will begin restoring your property ASAP. We usually respond within 1 hour of your call –  ensuring that minimal secondary damage happens to the property. 

Fire Damage Atoka, OK Restoration Process

1. Emergency Fire Board Up & Tarping

Fires can leave your property damaged and often time exposed to the outside elements. To protect your home or business from further damages, be it weather or vandalism, our team of highly trained fire damage restoration experts will immediately begin to secure your property by boarding up and tarping compromised areas.

2. Water Extraction & Drying

The firefighters will often use water to extinguish fires, saving your property. Unfortunately, this also brings its own set of concerns. If your property has standing water, we will need to extract the water and dry your property before moving on to the fire cleanup. 


3. Fire Damage Cleanup in Atoka OK

A fire is messy. Cleaning up can be daunting. FloodSERV team removes water and fire-damaged building materials, clears out affected belongings, cleans soot and smoke damage, and handles fire damage cleanup.

4. Smoke Deodorization

Beyond the fire and water damage that comes with fire-related disasters, cleaning up and deodorizing smoke and soot damage is a job best left to the experts. While some smoke damage is quick to clean, others may have penetrated the materials in your home or business to the point where cleanup is not possible. We utilize our advanced equipment to clean the affected area while salvaging as much of your property as possible.

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