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Act Quickly!

Slow reaction to sudden water damage is the #1 cause of increased water damage. So the single most important thing for you to do in such cases is to move fast and take the necessary steps to prevent further water damage. 

Most important steps when it comes to burst pipes

While there are a great many things that you could do in case a pipe bursts we managed to trim the list down to only a couple of key steps to take. Whatever steps you take make sure that you ensure your safety and that none of your family members are endangered.

1. Safety first!

Water can easily come into contact with live electricity and create a deadly scenario. If there are power outlets or appliances running in the area – shut off the electricity before proceeding. 

2. Turn off the water valve

If you know where your main water valve for the area is – turn off the water as soon as possible. This will prevent further water infiltration across your property. If you aren’t aware of where the valve is located, try calling your plumber as he will most probably know. 

3. Call a professional water damage restoration company

Water damage restoration is a necessity when a pipe bursts. And the sooner you react and call the professionals, the less damage will your property suffer. This will save you time, and money, and protect your property from significant property damage.

4. Call your insurance provider

The moment the professionals are on the way you should notify your insurance provider of the incident as well as take photos and videos of the affected area.

Proper documentation and an early notice will go a long way in claiming your rightful insurance refund. 

5. Start removing the water

Once all the relevant professionals have been notified, the area has been secured from electricity and the water flow is stemmed you can start using buckets, mops, and cloths to remove excess water from the affected area. 

Burst pipes are tough but can be handled quickly if you respond correctly

Here at FloodSERV we pride ourselves with our customer satisfaction record. There is no burst pipe or water damage issue that we won’t be able to handle quickly and effectively. Count on FloodSERV to be there when you need us, and we will get your pipe replaced or repaired in no time. 

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