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Your initial response is crucial for insurance coverage

While there are situations we will address later, most of the water damage that your property suffers will be covered by insurance – but it depends on your response. If you do not call professionals to address the damage and perform professional water damage restoration, it could be considered negligence and that is grounds for rejecting your insurance claim.

Flood damage or water damage?

While a big majority of insurances will cover water damage but not flood damage. So if your damage is caused by an internal cause like a burst pipe or an overflowing sink your insurance will most probably cover it. But if it was caused by storms, heavy rainfall, and other causes of flooding you should check your insurance policy if it includes flood damage coverage.

How to help your insurance claim?

There is plenty of things that could affect your insurance claim but as we said the most important one is to react quickly and call in the professionals. If you do not do so the insurance company can claim negligence and deny your request. What is there to do besides that?

1. Take photos and videos

You should take photos and videos of the damaged area the moment you notice it. As many photos and videos of the entire affected space will help you a lot in further insurance claims. You should also keep taking photos as the restoration process continues.

2. Keep track of documentation

Stay on top of all the documentation and accounting for the damage restoration. Every one of those papers could be crucial in making a successful insurance claim. 

3. Work with professionals

A high-quality water damage restoration company will help you with your insurance application by keeping all their records organized and readily available for you to submit to the insurance company.

Water damage restoration process

Depending on the scope of your damage you can expect a varied duration of the restoration process. This also means that your costs will vary. Generally, it starts with water removal, damaged material removal, water damage restoration, and water damage repairs. All of that can be covered by your insurance if it is handled professionally and properly documented. 

You have a right to insurance coverage

Water damage happens more frequently than most people realize and most of the insurance companies include water damage coverage inside of their basic insurance plans. 

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