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It may just be the fall season right now, but that’s about to change soon, into… winter.

And getting ready for winter is important, with several aspects regarding your home and protecting what’s most valuable to you. Obviously, winter is outside, but it will want to get inside, and that can cause damage you don’t want.

Window Awareness
If your home is typical, you have a lot of glass — windows, that is. Take a tour, inside and out, and look for areas where the weather stripping is damaged, where there are cracks in the caulking, and gaps where gaps should not be.

When the wind blows, do you hear it coming in the windows, or from around the windows? That’s not so bad right now, but when nasty weather strikes, that’s a different story.

Get your windows in shape now, before winter arrives.

Roof Woes
You can see some of your roof from the ground, but if you get up and take a close look, you may see shingles that need replaced, areas around the chimney or vents that could use some plugging, or other general repairs that are much, much easier now than when it is zero degrees and icy.

But be safe. If you aren’t an expert and able to inspect, hire someone to do it for you!

Gutter Grit
Grit, debris, leaves, and obstacles tossed up there from a windy day can build up. When they do that, and winter strikes with cold, snowy bluster, a plugged up gutter can create really expensive restoration work, because if a gutter can’t drain, this might force melting ice into your home. Get a ladder, take a look. But just like with your roof, only do that if you are an expert. Hire it done if you aren’t.
No matter what you do, occasionally water, wind and ice can damage your home.

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