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A tree trunk or a large branch crashing into your home or business can wreak absolute havoc on your property. Not only do trees cause massive damage inside and out, the resulting damage can often include serious roof damage and water damage on the interior from rain. Trees can cause major structural damage, which means safety is a huge concern. Not to mention, cleaning up of the tree itself and the surrounding damage is a huge undertaking.

This guide will explore the steps to take when a tree falls on your home or building, in regards to safety, hiring the right professionals, and what to expect. 

The Key Steps in Tree Damage Restoration

Tree damage is often associated with a storm. Sometimes it can happen from high wind, or a dead or damaged tree simply falling over. Each property and scenario can be unique. In general, tree damage restoration often includes the following steps:

  1. Tree Removal: First a professional tree removal specialist should be hired to remove the bulk of the tree from the roof and home. It’s important to find a company that is insured, experienced, and has the proper knowledge and equipment to remove a tree.
  2. Securing the Property: A restoration company should ensure the safety and security of the property by boarding up and tarping any exposed area of the roof and windows, and reinforcing the structure.
  3. Initial Assessment: A professional restoration company will assess the extent of the tree damage and the safety of the structure, addressing any immediate hazards. A structural engineer may need to be involved to verify the stability of the structure.
  4. Mitigating Any Water Damage: Often tree damage happens during a storm, and property can be wet inside from rain. Removal of wet materials and extracting water is critical in preventing further interior damage
  5. Debris Removal: Thoroughly clearing out debris from the tree and damaged materials from the property in order to prepare for the restoration work.
  6. Structural Repairs: The last step is repairing and rebuilding structural components, including roofs, walls, and floors, to restore the property’s integrity and character.

The Role of Professionals in Tree Damage Restoration

Seeking professional assistance for tree damage restoration is highly recommended, from tree removal to restoration. Professional restoration companies have the expertise, experience, and specialized equipment necessary to handle the complexities of tree damage restoration. They understand the unique challenges posed by tree incidents, including extensive damage to the structure and interior, water damage from rain, and the potential for mold growth. 

Choosing the Right Tree Damage Restoration Company

Selecting the right company is crucial for a smooth and successful restoration process. Consider the following factors when choosing a restoration company:

  1. Certifications and Licensing: Be certain that the company holds relevant certifications and licenses, indicating their expertise and adherence to industry standards.
  2. Insurance: Verify that the company is properly insured.
  3. Customer Reviews and References: Read online reviews and request references to gauge the company’s reputation and the quality of their services.
  4. Response Time and Emergency Services: After a storm, time is of the essence when dealing
  5. with tree damage. Choose a company that offers prompt response times and 24/7 emergency services.
  6. Comprehensive Restoration Capabilities: Look for a company that provides a wide range of restoration services, including structural repairs, mold remediation, and content cleaning.

FloodSERV, To The Rescue!
A tree falling onto your home can be a terrifying and devastating experience. If you are faced with a tree damage disaster, our team is prepared to arrive quickly, help guarantee the safety of your property and family, clean up and repair your home or property. Call us if you need an emergency roof tarp and help dealing with tree damage.

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