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Mold is everywhere and is necessary for life. But too much of it — and especially if what is considered by many a harmful variety — can be hazardous to the health of many.

Not everyone is sensitive to exposure to mold. Some people can be around it and have no side effects at all. Others have allergic reactions, asthma symptoms, and various respiratory issues.

The absolute best defense to mold exposure is to keep as much of it out of the home in the first place. There is no way to eliminate all molds, but some practical mold prevention steps are necessary to a healthy home.

Controlling moisture is the primary goal to minimizing mold growth. Mold is a live organism and needs moisture to grow and spread. If you reduce moisture in the home, you take away the food source of mold. For many homes, this means concentrating on the basement. Water seepage into basements is a common cause of mold growth. From expensive steps such as hiring a company to seal off basement walls, to inexpensive steps such as running a household dehumidifier — whatever you decide to do is going to help any moisture situation.

Venting bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other moisture-generating areas of the home is also smart. Physically removing air laden with moisture means mold growth is limited.

Running the air conditioner during humid periods of the year keeps the humidity content lower in the entire home. Yes, it costs to run the AC, but it will cost you more if you have a mold problem and need professional remediation.

Keep an eye on areas that suffer from condensation, such as windows, doors, even pipes under sinks. Condensation is an excellent source of moisture that mold will use to grow.

Remember, mold can be found almost anywhere, and can grow on virtually any surface, such as wood, paper, and dirty carpet (mold usually does not grow on clean carpet).

If you discover moisture intrusion issues, such as from a leaky pipe, drain, toilet, or in the basement — anywhere in the home — take steps to fix the issue. And be sure to inspect for mold growth.

If you see any evidence at all, do the right thing. Call your professional water damage company right away. After all, it pays to call a pro!

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