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The weather is hot and your air conditioning system is probably working overtime to keep up. Similar to any major component of your home, the HVAC system requires regular maintenance to perform at its optimal level for years to come. This often requires the help of a professional air duct cleaning company such as FloodSERV.  

Many of our clients often ask us, “how do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?” While you may believe that simply replacing the air filter will do the trick, the HVAC system needs a bit more care to function properly. Your ducts often house dust, dirt, pollen, allergens, and other contaminants that are cycled through your home through the HVAC system. Beyond increasing the cost of your electricity bill, failure to secure air duct cleaning services can significantly decrease the HVAC system’s lifespan. 

5 Signs Your HVAC System Needs Air Duct Cleaning 

Tired of wondering, “how do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?” We’re sharing five clear signs that it is time to schedule a cleaning with FloodSERV. 

1. Musty Odors 

If you notice a strange, stale or musty odor, this is typically a sign of mold growth. Visible spores may be difficult to spot with the naked eye, but the odor is usually not far behind. Mold can grow in ducts due to condensation, especially in humid climates.  

Suspicion of mold requires a fast response to preserve your health and the air quality of your home. Because the HVAC system cycles the air several times a day, the presence of mold can negatively impact any occupants with allergies or respiratory issues. 

Fortunately, FloodSERV not only offers air duct cleaning, we also attend to your mold removal needs. Contact us today to tackle both problems. 

2. Rampant Dust 

You take pride in the appearance of your home. If you find yourself constantly dusting to no avail, it may be time to consider an alternative approach. Rather than keeping your cleaning supplies in hand at all times, consider scheduling air duct cleaning services. 

You may even notice a puff of dust from the vents when the HVAC system turns on. If your supply and return vents are visibly dusty, remove the cover to look at the ducts. Visible dust buildup requires cleaning and is a tell-tale sign that it is time to call FloodSERV. 

3. Pest Problems 

Rodents and insects love to chew their way through ductwork, or find access through unsealed vulnerabilities. Once the pests have moved in, they have access to your entire home, leading to the potential for structural damage, high energy bills, and HVAC inefficiency.  

Also consider the contaminants left behind by vermin. Droppings and nests spread fecal matter throughout the ductwork. YUCK!  

4. Recent Remodeling & Construction  

While most contractors try to be tidy about keeping construction dust out of your HVAC system, it is likely that particles still slip through. This is the last thing you want to be breathing in! Recent remodeling, construction, or even restoration work marks an opportune time to schedule air duct cleaning services. 

5. High Energy Bills 

You can likely track and project trends in your heating and cooling bills throughout the year. An exorbitantly high bill means that your dirty air ducts could be the culprit. If the ductwork is so inundated with debris that air cannot flow freely, your HVAC system is working double time, stressing the system and causing ridiculous bills. 

Inefficiency is also evident if a particular room of the house does not receive the same air flow as other rooms. Fully open vents should be capable of consistent airflow throughout the property. Contact us to clear the ducts! 

Give Your Air Ducts Some Love 

Adequate maintenance of your home requires giving attention to your HVAC system and its air ducts. FloodSERV is here to help! Contact us today to schedule a cleaning! 

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