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Candles are responsible for over 15 000 house fires annually. That is a lot more than most people expect as candles are a part of the majority of households.
In order to prevent such fires, it is essential that we follow the proper precautions and that we keep safety in the first place.

Candle Fire Safety Tips

Candlelight can be quite romantic and with the rise in popularity of scented candles, there are more and more households buying and owning various candles. This by itself is perfectly harmless if proper precautions are taken. This can prevent accidents and significant fire damage to your property.


Do not leave lit candles unattended

Nearly half of civilian fire deaths happen during the night as the candles are left unattended and the fire is not noticed early enough. Protect your property and your residents from fire damage by always keeping an eye on your candles at all times. Even if a fire starts you will have proper time to respond and extinguish it before it gets worse.


Keep combustibles at least 1 foot away from the candle

By keeping all materials that might combust away from the candle we can ensure that even in case of an accident the candle cannot light anything else on fire. That includes all Christmas or Halloween decorations, lighters, curtains, sofas, and other similar flammable objects.


Keep candle wicks short

It is recommended to keep all the candle wicks below 1/4 inch in length. This keeps the flame closer to the wax and results in a more controlled flame.


What to do if you do not manage to prevent a fire?

Fire damage is one of the worst forms of property damage. Fire is ruthless and even the areas that did not burn are heavily affected. The smoke and toxic soot will infiltrate everything, water from the extinguishing will cause further water damage if it isn’t handled quickly, and if the windows or doors were affected the elements can easily enter your home – resulting in increased damage. So the moment the fire department leaves your property contact FloodSERV for any fire restoration needs you may have!

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