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Water damage issues in your home can really ruin a good day… week… or month.

You want to do all you can to avoid any type of flooding because damage can be quite extensive and expensive. One thing you can do to avoid future issues is to ensure your appliances are in good working order and that they don’t spring a leak that can damage your home.

Obviously, the biggest threat in your home is the toilet. Or toilets, if you have more than one bathroom. They can plug up, overflowing when you flush them. They can also leak at the seal, where the toilet sits on the floor. And, of course, the supply line can leak, sometimes slowly but occasionally with a strong spray of water. This normally happens when you replace the parts inside the toilet tank. Make sure you do a good job when you work on your toilet! You don’t want any surprises popping up.

Second on the list is your washing machine. Its job is to fill up with hot, soapy water, do some shaking, and clean your clothes, and then drain into the sewage system. However, sometimes the drain can become plugged and water can come spewing out, causing all kinds of damage. A hot or cold supply hose can also break, and if you aren’t home when that happens, the damage can be devastating. Be sure to inspect your drain and the condition of your hoses regularly. The seals on the door need to be inspected as well, if it is a front-loading machine.

Third in this lineup of appliances is your dishwasher. It’s like your washing machine but doesn’t fill up with water quite as much, but if it springs a leak, whether from the drain or from the door, you will have a big mess. Using too much dish washing detergent can also be a cause of a machine overflowing. Inspect the supply and drain hoses and use the appropriate amount of detergent. The seals on the door, like your front-loading washing machine, need some attention from time to time.

When the worst happens, and your home suffers from any type of flooding, do the right thing. The safest thing. Call your water damage restoration experts.  Give FloodSERV a call! 918-268-7650.

After all, it pays to call a pro! Remember to call us! FloodSERV 918-268-7650.

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